V12 Sparks – Episode 4: Lidar technology

Valerio Cometti, founder of Milan-based studio V12 Design, shares insights on design, technology, and innovation through a series of short videos that stimulate thoughts and infinite curiosity.

Terminator 2 and its molten-metal cyborgs may be still a few years away, but there’s an astonishing amount of amazing technologies that is making its way into our daily lives.

Remember, closing your eyes or hiding your head in the sand won’t make them go away, instead, diving curiously into such innovations will make you master them and get the best out of them.

V12 Sparks Lidar Technology - camera
The iPhone 12 Pro camera uses Sony’s lidar technology allowing the rear-facing depth camera sharpen autofocus, improve Portrait mode, and make AR apps more realistic

These tech innovations may be born in different sectors, distant from their current application and now are flourishing in unexpected devices, that you never thought as able to host such features.

Remember: to stay on top of your surfboard, you need to bend your knees and stay as flexible and reactive as possible, therefore join us for another “V12 Design – Spark”!

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